BASA BASA BASA- Seafood De’Lite- Trenton, NJ

Stopped by one of the Trenton’s well known seafood establishments Seafood De’Lite yesterday for lunch & dinner. I originally went there to grab some things for myself & two coworkers but it was so good I decided to go back before I went home & grabbed a BASA FISH HOAGIE.

Now for those of you that don’t know about the fish hoagie just know that if you order it you probably won’t be getting up from wherever you’re sitting for a good while. See a mf like me I plan on taking a nice little nap after every time I have one (unless I’m around ppl).

Just be clear if you do decide to venture & stop by this eatery (not really) be aware of its location. It sits on the corner of Calhoun & Spring Street which will have your head on a swivel. Not saying it’s a bad location but if you’re not familiar with the area it could be a culture shock.


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