Colonial Diner, English Skillet- NJ

When I tell you the greater Philadelphia area is a food Mecca and that anyone who doesn’t recognize its brilliance is the worst kind of fool, I say it without hyperbole and with all the same weight of me telling my girl how great I am at Madden. My face is serious and the food is amazing.
After calling out of work to handle some traffic tickets at the local courthouse I stopped by my favorite local diner for a late breakfast and to prevent myself from flying into a murderous rage at the imbecilic fecundity of traffic court. I don’t even know what fecundity is but it sounds right. Anyway.

Colonial Diner, right on Broad street in historic Woodbury is actually on the New jersey Side of Philly’s bridges. You can find your full fare of diner foods but the breakfast really stands out. Today I tried the English skillet- a hot mess of hash, bacon, diced tomatoes and onions. They top it with shredded cheddar and bake it. To add insult to poor health they top it with two over easy eggs to make this indulgence truly delectable.

Each bite of this perfectly crafted delight is piping hot and chock full of heartily cut bacon, tomato and onion. The hash was perfectly crispy and not overly greasy like I’ve found at other places in the area.
This is a dish I’d highly recommend to locals as well as those just passing through. Down the road I’ll be sure to review the American and Italian skillets which focus even more on the breakfast meats part of the food pyramid.

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