Bonefish Grill, Swimming With the Fishes Pt. 1- NJ

First of all I’d like to say that I think they missed an opportunity by not going with the British spelling of “Grille”. That extra “e” adds enough class to last two lifetimes, believe that. Despite their uninspired name, I convinced my pop to take a ride over to the Deptford Bonefish Grill. I feel like this might be a franchise, but I’ve never seen another one so I’m gonna give myself a pass because of ignorance and the food being on point.

So a little back story: I don’t eat fish. Never have, ever since I was a young child in Bermuda and someone foisted the classic (dreaded, by me) Codfish and Potatoes on my plate. Without going into detail this basically mad me shun fish for the next 26 years. Until now. Starting JustGrubbin with Lbiddy has persuaded me to dive into the world of fish, here I am.

I ordered the “Tilapia Imperial”- a sumptuous tilapia filet stuffed with shrimp, crabmeat, and scallops, covered with a creamy lemon butter. So, this thing was amazing. It looked great, smelled even better and every bite had a different profile because of all the different ocean fare swimming in the butter. This was on the more expensive side at $20 but I’m a baller and food is life.

This came with two sides so I ordered the white truffle mac and cheese and some sautéed spinach(gotta maintain this figure). The spinach was solid- very well lubricated and tasty. The truffle mac was out of this world and probably deserves its own post. Very cheesy and with some mushroom slices that added a whole other texture… it actually paired perfectly with my tilapia. To be honest, I make great choices and we can add this to the list. Definitely a hit meal.

Stay tuned for part 2 of my Bonefish trip…

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