Percy St BBQ, BBQ Fries- PHILLY

Tinder sucks. Tinder is great. While Tinder lets you explore the Philly dating scene, more importantly, it gives you the opportunity to hunt for great food joints to take all these hot dates (if you’re sexy like me, obviously).

My latest venture (aka my new girlfriend) has brought me to South St., the near-mythical stretch of road completely littered with worthy food destinations. This place is a little more well-known than some of the spots we’ve featured so far, but with good reason. Percy St.‘s happy hour menu includes something they call BBQ Fries. Look past the innocuous name and you’ll find an appetizer fit to be an entre. I kid you not, girlfriend and I split a single order over a couple of beers and weren’t hungry again for hours.

So what makes them special? These fries come heaped with chopped brisket and melty white cheddar. The brisket was perfectly dry-rubbed and smoked and the cheddar blended perfectly to elevate it to the next level. Despite being delicious on their own, the fine barkeep also provided us with an assortment of sauces – totally unnecessary – but welcome nonetheless.
They also have a pretty strong bar game with a decent beer selection and some select whiskeys if that’s your thing. Percy St. BBQ on South St. Go there. Get the fries. You’ll be happy.

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