Ishakibbles- Philly

I found this gem on particularly lazy monday afternoon when I asked my cousin Dell if he wanted to party or anything since he was in from out-of-town and I didn’t have work…. and that’s usually what you do when your young go-hards on vacation.  Instead he said a quote that would forever change both our lives “Ay dog, I’m cool with just chillin …how about we do some research and find the best cheesesteak in Philly” …a quick background on Dell, he’s from Michigan.. born and raised and the first time he bit into that magical greasy Wiz Wit combo from the city of brotherly love I swear he got close to shedding a tear…dude went back and got another one immediately So he makes it a point to get a cheesesteak whenever he is in town…like every single day he’s in town..dudes got a real problem.

Anyway back to the point…so we hit up the good ol Googles to research such an important topic , one name came up high on every list- Ishkabibbles…boom we found our place…and off we went to south st,….most people who walk south st prob walk right on by having no idea that a national treasure is right there. It’s a small window outside and slim on the inside. If you actually do walk in your greeted to a wall of signed celebrity photos…that’s when i knew we had found  the one…my first bite was how i picture Kanye feels when he simply sees his own reflection in the mirror…it was electric

We got beef and a chicken cheesesteak platters both with fried onions, green peppers, provolone cheese and of course cheez wiz, the platter comes with fries and we also got wiz on that. After about 15 minutes we got out heart attack in a white box handed to us, we went half and half so that we could try each. First thing I noticed was the fresh warm and soft bread. The bread is the key factor to a delicious cheesesteak, can’t be out here chippin a tooth and shit cause you bit into 2 month old bread. Everything was cooked to perfection, the onions and peppers blended perfectly with the sandwich, not overly dominating. The wiz and provolone…my god…just a perfect Peter Griffin type of fat ass combination but the real star of the show was the chicken cheesesteak. The chicken was fresh and juicy and had just the right amount seasoning on it. Our visit was so good that we went back the next damn day, I have since been up and down the menu, bought a t-shirt and sweatshirt…everything is banging. Their signature drink is called “The Gremlin” its grape drank mixed with lemonade…it’s really good but right around 6.5 sips in and you’ll catch diabetes. So I would absolutely suggest anyone that hasn’t tried it yet that they give it a go, it’ll change your life. (Make sure you go to the one on 3rd and south street though, the other location might low-key bullshit)

Tip- 1. If you get the chicken cheeseteak, get wiz and ask for the chicken chopped and get broccoli with it 2. Chicken strip sandwich with wiz on it is majestic.


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