Kings Wok, Sicklerville NJ (Lbiddy & Big Al Combo Review!)

LB: I’ve tried a lot of Chinese food in my 32 years of life, to me Kings Wok is by and far the best. So good that even Big Al’s picky ass had to make a confession to me…to fill ya’ll in..Al thinks of himself as having a PHD in General Tsos Chicken, he fondly refers to all Chinese food as “The Discipline”. He once told fellow Grubber contributor Eric that his local Chinese food spot in Michigan was “Some Bullshit” right to his face after E asked him (with a smile on his face mind you, that quickly became a frown) how he liked it. So when he confessed to me randomly one day , with a stern defeated look on his it was really weighing on his soul extra deep… “Lauren yo I have to say it (as he deep sighed) , I randomly was thinking about it and …Kings is the best.”

I was overjoyed, fireworks went off, Whitney Houston started playing in the background and I felt a special connection…. right at that moment, me and Al became Chinese food Eskimo brothers. I have been through the whole menu, everything is phenomenal…my go to’s are the, chicken and broccoli combination, the lo mein, the cheesesteak egg roll, and of course the general tsos chicken. Everything is made fresh, and you can taste the love in every of all its easy as hell on the pockets. Now the absolute star on the menu, the GOAT, the undefeated champ are the fried pork dumplings…….soooooooooooooo good. The texture is the perfect amount of firmness, the pork is tender and plain ol delightful….every bite is a got damn house party honestly.


Big Al: Man this man Lauren is lying, ok maybe he aint. Now wherever I go if there is a Chinese restaurant there I do my best to try the top two dishes I feel everyone needs to try @ a Chinese restaurant. That’s General Tso’s & Boneless Sparemail Ribs. Now I will say that I’m not a big fan of the Boneless Spare Ribs BUT out of all the DISCIPLINE (Chinese Food) I’ve had KING’S is the top. Only rivaled by a restaurant named GREAT WALL by my old college campus. But every place I’ve been I always compare it to KING’S. KING’S even has good Broccoli & I enjoy Broccoli but I’ve always hated the ways Chinese restaurants fix there Broccoli. I’m a man so I can admit when I’m wrong, so when I told Lauren that the KING’S wasn’t greatest I can now say “It’s the best I ever had.” (DRAKE VOICE). {MENU BELOW}


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