Saturday Date Night On Demand (Philip Marie Restaurant)- NY

As we walked into the Wine Room, Red Rose Petals were placed perfectly on the floor, and dinner table. As we took our seats, I looked to the left corner behind my chair for the discreetly placed Card and Gift that I dropped off the day before to keep as a surprise IMG_7089

for my Lady since we walked in unencumbered by any bags. After asking our personal waiter to pair my “Jesus Phone” with the audio speaker, to play some choice cuts (Romeo Santos/ Usher ‘Promise’, Miguel/ Lenny Kravitz ‘Face the Sun’). This carefully -curated -Dim CandleLIT- 5-Course -Wine Pairing -Dinner- for 2 Playlist…. set the mood for the Fancy Feast that was to follow.

We started off with Lox, atop Bruschetta, on a small piece of toasted Bread capped off with a sprinkling of Caviar, paired with a nice Cote Du Rhone. Light and Tight with every Bite.

The Calamari was cooked to perfection, not overcooked like a damn rubber band, paired with some Prosecco. Well Done Philip Marie.

🎼Ill Give You My Heart Girl/ But You Gotta Promise🎼

Two Tone Red Blend wine poured into the glass looking Luxurious. Marie’s Citrus Salad was on the table glistening, bathing in that candle light, calling out for me! Baby Organic Arugula, Mandarin Anjou Pear, and Organic Avocado Dressing. Tantalizing to the Tastebuds.

🎼Promise to Hold/touch me🎼

Mmmm Mm MMM Entree Time!!! Braised Short Ribs on a bed of Sautéed Kale in a Pinot Noir Reduction. Paired with 2014 Chianti, Gabbiano. I tore that plate up like Hannibal Lector. It must have been the Chianti, making the flavor Snap, CRACKle, and POP. I almost hissed at my girl after I put my fork down.

🎼Love me…way past forever🎼

“I have to use the bathroom “. Seeing my opportunity , I placed my card and Gift on the table during her brief trip to Urine Town. Upon returning she was surprised to see a (non-edible)treat

on the table. Ripping the wrapping open with more controlled poise than I’ll ever have . She opened the box to reveal my heart, from NYC Based Artist Wendy Isaacson.


🎼worth running a race/when the finish line is you🎼

The Hot Brownie with some Rosé, such a “tasty beverage to wash this down”(Jules from Pulp Fiction). For the Final Course. Sinking my teeth into that warm Brownie, tongue wrapped inside that Ooey Gooey Chocolate Sweetness, must say…would almost be worth a daily insulin shot.

None of this would at all be possible at Philip Marie Restaurant without the Stellar Wait Staff, Kitchen Crew, Scott the Events Manager, and John P. Greco the 3rd -Executive Chef/Owner. Everything was as advertised for an unforgettable Dinner Date of James Bondian Proportions. The attention to detail and subtlety is second to none especially when it comes to tailoring the menu to its guests with any food allergies. (I myself am unfortunately Lactose Intolerant). The Food consistently raised the bar with its succulent flavor in each successive course being served, with an equally compelling wine. Not to mention the perk of privacy, no subject or gaseous sound emitted from top or bottom has to be omitted, from the table for fear of neighboring tables hearing or smelling.

Xander Charles will Return

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