Carroll Place – NYC

So last weekend I decided to indulge in the greatest idea known to man…Saturday Brunch in NYC!! 🙌🏽 For anyone who doesn’t know let me give you a crash course. Start off with your choice of Sangria, Mimosas, or Bloody Mary’s…Bottomeless for 2hrs 👀…that’s all you need to know lol.

Being that I’ve never been here before my mom, fiancé, and I decided to try a bunch of different shit. As an appetizer, we started off with some truffle fries (Banging) and…….

…Buon Giorno Pizza (Banging and good luck pronouncing) which the ingredients were Truffle cream, Mozz cheese, Speck (Idk wtf that is but it was good), Mushrooms, and two sunny side up eggs…I was about done after just the appetizer and 6 Mimosas in…

…But I couldn’t stop…so for entrees my fiancé and I split Eggs Benedict (Better in Miami…just being honest) and Grilled Hanger Steak (Always med-rare) & Two Sunny Side Up Eggs…shit was amazing since they actually made it medium rare and not some bullshit…and eggs in general are great with anything. Overall this Place was legit…food was great, service was great, drinks were semi-strong, and lastly the price was perfect. There was three of us and how they do it is you pay $26 for bottomless drinks and one entree. Only thing extra was the truffle fries and egg pizza. So overall I give Carrol Place a B+. I would 💯% go there again and you can’t beat some good ass brunch!! Check it out yourselves Carroll Place NYC.

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  1. kirizar

    Speck is the German word for bacon, so it was probably some special cut or extra caramelized bacony goodness. (Spellcheck tried to change ‘bacony’ to ‘balcony’ I can’t imagine what you would have made of that!)

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