Rigatoni Mobile Crab Cakes- PA


Me and Jamiel attended a nice little food truck festival at Saunders Park Greene in Philly. I had some good stuff, some meh stuff, and some complete bullshit from the food trucks…. that was before I tried Rigatonoi Mobile Crab Cakes .They were my last stop because they had the longest line by far out of all the trucks and for a good damn reason as i would later find out. I hopped in there line after eating a horrid chicken slider that I described on episode one of the podcast, so after that experience I happily waited for my turn in the line.My favorite part about these kind of festivals are sitting back sometimes and just taking it all in. Ya know …enjoying the weather, over hearing conversations among the local  coeds, the live music and the occasional crackhead who was aggressively chomping a chicken sandwich with snot running down his nose. Annnyyyyyywho, my turn to order finally came

On the side of their truck is their quote ..”The best Crab Cakes are not in Maryland, THEY’RE HERE” …now I was skeptical at first of course because we ALLLLLL know Maryland is known for two damn things…crab cakes and football…these are just facts and you guys have the temerity…the unmitigated gal… to just claim you’re the best?!?  “Yea iiiiiigghhttttt” I thought. the menu only had two options- Crab pretzel and Crab Cake sandwich. So of course I had to try the sammich with everything on it, which included lettuce, tomato, and your choice of sauce ..so I asked the lovely young lady that was taking my order what are the different sauces to which she replied

“Do you want all the sauces, that’s our most popular”

Don’t threaten me with a good time mam…so I got all the sauces and an orange soda (yea I know)…found myself a park bench and from there my journey started…sweet baby jesus was this good, so good that i swear for like 4.6 seconds i caught the holy ghost and started Harlem shaking like Diddy right there on top of my park bench …everything was so fresh, the crab, the texture, everything blended together in a symphony of flavors just twerking and two- stepping in my mouth. I immediately regretted not just going back in this line over and over again with fake glasses and a mustache to hide my shame…actually I take that back…I would have done that proudly with a smile on my face because that sandwich was so good.  It’s going to run you 10 bucks and worth every single dollar

It absolutely gets a perfect 5 out of 5 moon emojis



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