Brew House No. 16 – Baltimore, MD 

Since moving to Baltimore, I have partaken in quite a few weekends of degeneracy. So these reviews may or not be the most accurate due to they aren’t live depictions of the goodness, and just recollections. Also I’m not a loser and like to take pictures of my food when I’m out, so these photos are just stock internet jawns. But I guess that now I am a world-famous food blogger, I should. We’ll see.

So if you read my last review of Nacho Mama’s, I believe I attended Brew House No.16 later that same evening, after a successful day load at several other bars. During my day load, my boss and I consumed quite a bit of alcohol, that I had almost forgot that I had a date later in the evening, at Brew House No.16. If the JUST GRUBBIN boys make it down to Baltimore for an episode of the podcast, I will fill you in on the events of me leaving the last bar, and trying to make it out to for this date.

Anyway, fast forward through that, and I finally make it. We roll up to the spot, and you can see from the picture it’s a cool little set up. It was an old fire house, and I will save you the boring history of the Baltimore fire of 1904, but it was the fire house from that point in time. So as we sit at the bar, the bartender hands us the menu and we immediately look at the in-house beers. I am an IPA lover so I am immediately drawn towards their American-Citra Double IPA. At 7.3% ABV this beer goes down so smooth and it is very easy, especially after drinking for most of the afternoon, to pound 3-5. Pretty sure it was closer to the 5 then the 3.

As I look at the food menu, its a wide variety of classic bar entrees, with a contemporary flare. Seeing as I was pretty much 3 sheets at the time. The one appetizer that grabbed my attention was the home-made pretzel with a cheddar ale and home made mustard. Being from the Philly burbs, one thing I know is a good soft pretzel. Not even close to a Philly soft pretzel, but it was a delightful snack, especially with the home made cheese sauce and mustard.

After polishing off the pretzels out came the entrees. I ordered the house beer braised short ribs. The house beer used in making the bbq sauce was their porter. I’m not a huge porter fan to regularly drink, but it is definitely a great brew to use in cooking. It added a bit of smokiness to the short ribs making their already melt in your mouth flavor even more delectable.  The portion size was impressive. 3 huge medallions of short ribs with a great serving size home-made scalloped potatoes. And fresh string beans. I’m no bitch, and usually finish every thing on my plate plus whatever is left on my dates dish, but I was still stuffed from the mango habanero bbq pulled chicken tacos, and Baltimore baked beans from a few hours earlier, leaving me a full short rib, some potatoes and string beans left, to use for my breakfast the next morning.

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