Kid Rip’s, BBQ Burger- NJ



Today’s adventure keeps us on the Jersey side of the bridges into the tiny town of Runnemede. It consists of what basically amounts to 3 diners, a deli and a butcher. Jersey residents will recognize Runnemede as one of the state’s million pass through towns, taking maybe 35 seconds to drive through, usually without you even noticing.
Hidden behind one of the town’s 3-5 diners is Kid Rip’s Tavern. Ignore the political statements above the side bar and head straight for the beer and burgers. This place. Has. Great. Burgers. My go to is the bbq burger. I’ll let them describe it.
“8oz patty smashed on grill, topped with BBQ, French fried onions, onion jam, chopped candied bacon and Cheddar Cheese on brioche bun, served with house cut chips”.

Bruh. Madre de Dios, this burger is like tits on tits in your face. Chopped Candied Bacon. I’m not even going to elaborate because you know exactly how good that is.
Onion jam. ONION JAM. I don’t know what it is, but it sets this burger apart from literally any other burger I’ve tried. Whole other levels of gooey goodness are reached. Biting this burger is like taking an elevator to the throne room, kicking the king in the nuts and dropping your mic while winking at his daughter. I’m just sayin’.

On Thursdays all the burgers are $8. Order the BBQ burger. Trust me. (Seriously, it’s amazing. Goes great with Sam Adams Cherry Wheat, too).


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