Burger Fi- Philadelphia, PA 

I was looking for somewhere to eat before getting wet (drunk for those that don’t know the lingo yet) and I saw Burger Fi. Now where to begin with Burger Fi. It’s essentially like Ryan leaf or Trent Richardson. Has so much potential going in, looks good , has the measurable, makes the senses dance … but alas it  is a bust. The meat is ground fed , whatever the fuck that means , and its good meat. The one thing I can say about the burger was the meat is juicy. Everything else is sub par. Between the fries tasting bland and the burger I wasn’t impressed . Just so everyone knows , my review on burgers is based on just the burger t itself , no condiments. So yeah, not impressed….BUTTTT the hot dog came out like Tom Brady , 6th round pick that you didn’t expect to do much and just saved my whole meal. I got it because I love hotdogs and that shit was great, saved my whole meal. It was grilled to perfection, with the onions and mustard it was a very classic and delicious New York dog . Perfect pre wet meal. I would go back for the hotdog .. but the burger ..


Also , the fries sucked as well

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