Simply Tasteful / Dutch Wagon – Medford NJ

Okay so I know the Amish can sometimes scare people with their bad hair cuts, weird clothes and possible/probable inbreeding but the fact that both of these places are only open on Friday and Saturday means they are LEGIT.

Let’s start with Simply Tasteful which is a breakfast and lunch joint inside the Dutch Wagon (not run by Amish). I am a creature of habit so every time I go for breakfast I get a western omelet with cheese and a side of scrapple. Now this isn’t your typical 2 pound dry diner omelet. It is a little on the smaller side but what it lacks in size it makes up for in flavor. I don’t know what they use to cook it in but it gives it a great taste that most omelets lack. As for the scrapple if you don’t like “not knowing” what is in your food then pass it up but if you like a little mystery in your life it is a great add-on.
Once you are done eating, mosey on over to the Dutch Wagon and grab a couple filets to cook up for dinner at home and a rack of ribs and pork wings for lunch. The fact that you can grab 3 meals for one day under $30 is a steal. They also have a wine tasting bar, an assortment of cheeses and basement with crafts, candles and some homemade decor. A must stop if you are there with your lady friend. Earn those brownie points for when you have too many Rolling Rocks later that night and accidentally pee in the closet all over her shoes (not like that has ever happened before).

Let me know what you think if you ever stop in and if you need to buy a shed or swing set with breakfast, this is your place.

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