Colonial Diner, French Toast Tower- NJ

So a couple of weeks ago I promised I would return to Woodbury’s Colonial Diner to review the other skillets besides the English Skillet. I still will, but this morning LBiddy and I decided to switch it up a little. It was at this point that I saw something on the menu that was too tempting to resist, the French Toast Tower.

Loaded up with fruit and granola it really is a breakfast that is more than the sum of its parts. I actually ordered this meal to go so I could bring my lady friend breakfast in bed, and boy was she pleased. But for this reason I got the whipped cream on the side so it wouldn’t get all drippy. So the pics you see are from after I transferred from the takeout container to my plate at home.

Let’s talk tastuals. I don’t even like blueberries, but these blueberries were so fresh and tasty that I may be a convert. The granola. I never even thought to sprinkle granola on French Toast but now I’ll feel like something is missing every time. Once I remembered to add the whipped cream… Good Lordt…

I can honestly say this was the best use of whipped cream that I’ve ever experienced. So light and airy, it was the perfect complement to all that fresh fruit. I really can’t see myself ever ordering regular French Toast from here again. Just for comparison, here’s a look at their hot cakes which are delicious. But by comparison, they leave something to be desired. Nahmean?

If you haven’t tried colonial Diner yet, I urge you to do so. I forgot to mention last time but they serve alcohol at their bar and the staff is hella friendly. Whenever I take my son he always get offered free cookies because he’s cute like his daddy.

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