She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy- NJ (Jose Tejas)

Not sure if it’s because its Memorial Day Weekend but this Jose Tejas on Rt 46 is definitely less busy than its other location by Menlo Mall in New Jersey. So in case you think you may have to endure an hour-hour 1/2 wait to get a table, there is an alternative site to get your Margarita Fix and Tex Mex Kicks.

While Sipping this classic margarita , -no salt on the Rim- I was taking in the whole scene of this budding franchise. I mean I know Hip Hop has dumbed down with such classics as “This is Why Im Hot” but to hear “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy” as the first ten Oz of Perfectly mixed Margarita kicked in, I just had to grab another tasty chip and eat in disbelief cuz its an epidemic across all forms of music I suppose.

When You’re eating and drinking for one, you could have these introspective conversations with yourself as well as listen to the random banter of “man! what a funny word ‘cuckhold’ is” or looking across the bar at an older lady that apparently sleeps in a tanning bed rather than a rocking chair. Her Skin looked more beat than These Outfielders gloves.

This corner spot of the bar as soon as you walk in to the left is the quintessential vantage point for  quick trips to the restroom if you break the seal, people watching Galore, (which is enhanced by the alcoholic beverages) and catching a good game.

I had two Pulled Chicken Tacos, with rice and black beans. Very good spice and flavoring, especially for not seeing not one person who would be from Juarez or El Paso. Complimentary Warm Chips and Salsa to have at the bar instead of your standard community peanuts or pretzels , which is always an Upgrade than rolling the dice with someone who just picked their nose in the bathroom or sneezed 10 minutes ago and treated that elapsed time like A magical wipe away of all germs. Prices here are very favorable.

Telling You that Plate aint stand a Chance!!!

For a good quality meal like that for Dolo (urban translation –for One) and live entertainment, for little less than the price of an NYC Movie Ticket….It Had me singing some Billy Mize on the way out the door.

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