Steve’s Prince of Steaks-Philly

Living in the Philadelphia area there is no way to avoid trying all the different cheesesteak spots  that the City of Brother Love has to offer and me being a natural fat ass I’ve tried a whole fuck ton of them. So on my most recent visit to Philly I decided to give Steve’s a shot since I’ve heard some good things about it. They have the normal two-line set up like Pats and Genos…cash only, you get your steak in one line and your fries and drink in another. The difference between Steve’s and the other guys are options, you can freestyle and get whatever you want including cheeseburgers, chicken cheesesteaks and all the toppings your heart desires.

When I saw all this my inner Homer Simpson did a little jig, so after I wiped the drool from my mouth I hopped in line and ordered a Wiz Wit (cheese wiz and fried onions) and added grilled mushrooms. Than I slid into the other line and ordered my cheese fries, Steve’s has a roomy indoor seating section with tables and a bar that loops around the inside. The huge difference between the tourist giants and Steve’s are that you get your food instantly to keep the line moving, which is good and bad. The good is you get your artery clogging sammich instantly, the bad is there isn’t much love being put into said sammich….Steve’s actually takes the time to make your food so everything is made fresh. So after you order you take a seat and people watch out the huge window on looking 16th street or in my case ….people watching the family next to me that resembled the Klumps and the drunk soccer fans that stumbled over…. and wait for your name to be called to get your food.


So after a few minutes I hear my name get called and strut over to grab my steak, since they drop the fries fresh when you order they weren’t ready yet but they came out like 5 minutes after I grabbed my steak. Sooooo let’s get to the good part of this damn review, the actual food. I’m a Pat’s guy myself because they use the real Wiz and chop their meat, so first thing I noticed about Steve’s was the flat rib eye steak. I was instantly skeptical but boy was I wrong, not only did they use real Wiz but everything was so good and fresh. In my previous review about Ishkabibbles I mentioned the bread and how they can make or break a cheesesteak. Well Steve’s definitely has good, fresh rolls…I was pleasantly surprised when I took my first bite and let out one of the loudest “MMMmmmmm” known to man, fucking delicious. The steak wasn’t overdone, the meat was sliced thin and surprisingly it wasn’t super greasy which was a complete mind fuck tbqh. The fries were the perfect amount of crunchy and had a good flavor that blended with the cheese wiz ever so magically. If were being real you can pour cheese wiz on like 87% of food and it’ll make it banging ….”Got DAMN this cauliflower some bullshit….I got it… let me go ahead cheese this shit up”.  All in all I’m still going to Ishkabibbles first when I’m in Philly but I will definitely be back to Steve’s if I’m in that area. It’s located near all the Center City bars so you can stumble in after your all lubed up and need some grease in your body, it’s absolutely worth the stop.

Wiz wit/mushrooms- $10

Cheese fries- $4.78

Bubble guts- Moderate

Fat Boy satisfaction level-9.1


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