Bobby Ray’s- Pennsauken, NJ

What’s good JG Fam?! For my first post… I had to go to a place that is near and dear to my heart… Bobby Ray’s Tavern in Pennsauken, NJ. I love walking in there, to the sight of wood everywhere, a Skee Ball table, and a shuffleboard table (both of which I’m incredible at).
On this particular day, Lauren and I were in the mood for a goooood burger and Bobby Ray’s was the first place that came to my mind. They are the home of the Tower of Pennsauken burger which consists of 2 half pound patties with cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. But on this day…..THIS DAY.. we were looking for something a little more creative so we decided on the Brago burger. The Brago Burger is a half pound patty with pork roll, scrapple, and Brago sauce (they wouldn’t give us the recipe lol) and we decided to get an egg on it.

Bruh…..BRUH…..BRUHHHHHHHHH!!! That first bite had me moaning like Keith Sweat. Who would have thought all that stuff went together like that… but ohhh man yes it does. The scrapple and the pork roll and the egg and the burger…. everything fit together so perfectly. It was breakfast….on top of a burger. You only find things like that in America.

If you ever riding through Pennsauken and you need a good burger, go to Bobby Ray’s, close your eyes, point to one and order it…. you’ll love it. 🤙🏿


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