Villa di Roma Meatballs and Garlic Bread- Philly

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On this lovely Memorial Day I eschewed the normal shore trip and instead found myself at the Italian Market in South Philly. This was one of those days where the meal had to be just right, and “just ok” wouldn’t cut it it.  After spending hours tossing ideas back and forth we finally decided on Villa Di Roma, a cash only joint known for being a South Philly staple.

We ordered a couple different meals. The pastas were across the board very solid and clearly you could tell this place has a well-deserved home-made reputation. First I tried the bullet pasta (gnocchi) and I was not disappointed. Well made and almost creamy in texture, these were the perfect complement to the main attraction – the meatballs.

The waitress explained the long process they go through to make these meatballs but to some it up they take forever but are packed with love. The pictures don’t really do them justice. These balls were hella hearty but not at all dry on the interior. The gravy was rich and delicious and I might go back tomorrow for more. Don’t be surprised if you see me.

Surprisingly, I started writing this review and realized that the entrée wasn’t my favorite part of the meal. The Garlic Bread appetizer is actually probably deserving of its own post. These were the most garlicky slices of toast I’ve ever experienced. Buttery, garlicky, and I think I tasted some cheesiness but I’m not entirely sure – this Garlic bread must’ve been shared by the gods. I’m been known to make my own garlic bread once or twice, but whatever amount of garlic I used was at least quadrupled by Villa Di Roma. You could probably kill an entire coven of vampires with a single slice. Honestly, I feel more educated now for my next attempt at making garlic bread or killing vampires.

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