Bo Brooks- Baltimore, MD

So I really have to say that my move to Baltimore has been a pretty good one so far. One of the best parts of the move, was the location of my living situation. The Canton section of the city where I moved to is about 2 blocks from the Harbor. And I will say it’s not anywhere near the aquarium and shit like that, but I am 2 blocks from the water, and the Korean War Memorial Park, which has a sick walking/biking path that takes you along the Harbor. Along the walk there are several eating/drinking spots. Upon my arrival to the city, I had walked around this path on one of those really nice January days, and stumbled across a tiki bar, and immediately thought about all the degenerate activities I could have here.


Fast forward to a beautiful day in May, my roommate and I  had gone to campus to get a huge lift in, and watch my universities softball team take on their inner city rival. And half way during the lift he suggested going to the  tiki bar on the water! I said, well shit, yes I would love to go to a tiki bar today and day load. And so we went.

Seeing as it was one of the nicest days the year had seen so far, Bo Brooks was absolutely packed. But we had no problems finding 2 spots at the bar. So, apparently either Baltimore or all of Maryland are known for a fruit juice and vodka cocktail known as “Crushes”. I usually don’t partake in vodka beverages because that is basically my Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde drink. BAD, BAD, BAD things happen when I drink too much vodka. I will fill some of y’all in on my vodka experiences on the podcast later this week. But seeing as it was so nice out and I have yet to pop my proverbial “CRUSH” cherry, I decided, sure, why the fuck not? 1 won’t kill me. I ordered the original orange crush and 3 minutes later the bartender delivered my drink.  At first sip, I thought, well god damn, I better call my family and tell them that I love them because I am going to drink about 60 of these and end up dead in the harbor,  in prison some where or in a hospital bed from going into a diabetic coma. The sweetness overload in this drink is insane. Delicious, but insane. If you’re a sweet drink lover, I recommend it. I also recommend it for a quick refreshing AHHHH moment. The, crisp, cool, sweet taste is perfect for all the upcoming hot days of

After drinking just 1 I had switched over to beer, to avoid early onset diabetes, and a potential run in with the Baltimore PD.

After quenching my thirst, I was ready to attack my hunger and get these gainz. Seeing as I was at a tiki bar, and right on the water, seafood was the play. According to their menu, Bo Brooks has the best crabs in town, I wasn’t trying to fuck around with crabs at the time, so I decided to grab a blackened grilled grouper sandwich. Their menu is huuuuugee and has so many great sounding items. I am certain, especially after eating the grouper sandwich, that many of the choices are fucking home runs! Any way back to the grouper sandwich. Grouper is one of if not my favorite fish in  the sea. it is tender and flaky and has very little sea taste to it. So it takes on the flavor of what is put on it. In this case, Blackened Cajun seasoning, fresh guacamole and a cilantro lime cream sauce. This shit was bananas. The party of flavors in mouth where just out of control. The spice from the Cajun seasoning, to the creaminess and sweetness from the cilantro lime sauce, everything just went together like “peas and carrots” (a Forrest Gump reference for those who don’t know).

I am looking forward to going back to partake in a little afternoon debauchery and cornhole. As well as enjoying a sunset on the water. I can only imagine that shit is magical.



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