Feeling HUNGRY check out Penrose Diner- PA

       Today me and my lovely girlfriend visited Penrose Diner for a quick bite to eat. There’s nothing like eating at a place that makes you feel at home. The vibe of this place is really relaxed and laid back.


Penrose Diner really knows how’s to throw down on the breakfast, that has always been my favorite part, but today I was feeling more on the dinner side of things. Here’s what they cooked up,


This amazing dish is called: Dijon-Herb Crust Salmon, with a side of mashed potatoes and a California vegetable blend. 

They also offer you a complimentary glass of Wine, with your choice of White or Red to go with your Salmon. Personally, I was not a big salmon eater, but this dish got me hooked. So if your feeling the love for some good salmon while your touring the city, check out Penrose Diner at 2016 Penrose Ave, Philadelphia Pa, 19145.

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