Lunch/Dinner after a long night @ The Cellar 32 – Brigantine, NJ

So this past MDW a bunch of friends and I needed some food and “hair of the dog” after a loooonnnnnngggghhhtttt night… so we decided to stop at The Cellar 32 in Brigantine.

1st step was to get the day going right with their signature Bloody Mary…definitely hit the spot (Nice n SPICY 🌶). My friends only had one a piece…since anyone who drinks bloody Mary’s know there like eating an actually meal…I did have some shrimp and chips that wasn’t worth picturing…👎🏽

Later on that night we decided to come back and get a lil crazy lol. My one local friend decided to get margarita pizza (slamming) and sweet potato fries w/ cinnamon twist dipping sauce 👀…all I can say is DAMN!! Definitely would suggest either or for a future customer…

I on the other hand decided to check out there Philly cheesesteak…now mind you I live in the Philly area and originally from NY so I said let’s see what the shore is working with…😒 cheesesteak was TERRIBLE and it’s suppose to come with fries…look at the picture below and u can see why I said “suppose to come with fries”…I got like 6 fries and had to order a separate side of fries…I’m pretty sure I didn’t order a kid’s meal…

Overall I’d definitely come back here for drinks since they were well priced and taste good but food could be much better. Give it a C- overall…and next time Im stealing this trophy by the front door since they serve kids meals 😂😂😂…


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