Nicks Pizza- NJ

Nicks Pizza is a south jersey pizza chain with locations in Clayton, Williamstown, Glassboro, Voorhees, Northfield and Sicklerville. I first heard about Nicks from a couple of my degenerate friends leaving The Landmark in Glassboro after watching the Phillies (this is before they were the heap of donkey excrement that they are today) when my boy Hook said we should go get a slice from Nicks and our other friend Blackout Bob aka B.O.B. agreed. So having no idea what or who the hell Nicks is I naturally asked them about it and they both started ranting and raving how it’s the best especially for a local chain. Welp fast forward a smooth 10 years and I can confirm…they weren’t lying and it’s not just the pizza that’s phenomenal, all the food is fucking delicious. It’s my go to on a NFL Sunday when I have a bunch of people over to binge watch Americas game….now since everything is made with love, delivery can take a hot minute but I can never stay hangry at them after I take that first bite.

My main suggestions off the menu besides the basics are the buffalo chicken pizza (add broccoli and bacon…sets that shit of RIGHT),  the mozz sticks, the breaded chicken pita/any of the wraps, and any of the rustic sandwiches….they are soooooooo good, my stomach started beat boxing just now while typing this. Basically what I’m saying is if your ever near one of the Nick establishments and your hungry, you should strongly consider stopping in and grabbing a slice.



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