Wahlburgers- Philadelphia, PA

Have you guys seen the movie boogie nights and at the very end marky mark whips it out and you see he just has good meat? That’s what Wahlburgers has, just outstanding burgers with great meat. I asked the waitress what I should get to eat, and she recommended the “Our” burger which is a cheese burger with lettuce, tomato, onions, some wahlburger sauce, and homemade pickles. The burger was pretty good, tasted great and was cooked perfectly right. It is very annoying when you order medium rare and get just a brown burnt mess of shit. Home made pickles were particularly delicious if I may say so. I also ordered old bay fries and mac and cheese, The old bay fries had a sweet taste to them which was different, but delicious.

The mac and cheese sucked, just like Johnny Dramas acting career in all of entourage….just fucking pitiful. Mac and cheese aside though this place is great. I just came back from monarch and had to drive but they have a great bar area, as well as an outdoor section and cornhole. Seeing that it’s right in the piazza, it’s a great place to be on a good night. I’ll find myself back there at night sometime to beat some people in cornhole and catch any sporting event.. or to just get wet. Either way, Wahlburgers is pretty good and I recommend everyone to check it out if you are near The Piazza.

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  1. The Paperback Princess

    I’ve been wanting to try Wahlburgers! I’ve watched the show. I will have to check it out the next time I visit Toronto (Canada) 😊

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