Break Bread Men! -Black Swan, NY

One of my Football Coaches Rich Mosca would always yell out to us during stretches some life advice,” DONT Be a SPONGE TO YOUR PARENTS!!!….Lift Weights now when it matters, not to look good later when you’re done playing…..after this practice I WANT YOU TO GO IN THAT CAFETERIA AND BREAK BREAD!! MEN!!!!!”

“Break Bread TOGETHER ” I couldn’t conceptualize what this old Italian Man was talking about in my then -20 year old mind-, but now I see clearly 13 years later. (Not saying its CTE, just basic Jock Brain that sometimes processes information a little slower). He wanted us to sit down together regardless of what town/ borough we came from, skin color, musical tastes, major in school, and break those walls down. Understand, one another so we may fight together on the field to Win or Learn(from a loss , which there were plenty but I’ll save that for the Division 3 horror stories blog that will never be).

There was a horrible attack on innocent folks in London this past weekend. Having been to that beautiful city I was upset how a different group of folks could start stabbing at random civilians with no rhyme or reason, which to me shows a complete lack of understanding. An unwillingness to break bread together to work towards a common goal. So in tribute I went to the Black Swan in Bed Stuy on Bedford avenue in the more gentrified area of the old “Do or Die Bed Stuy”.

It’s a Brit based Anglo Phile Bar. Where they serve Pimm’s Cup Pitchers which aren’t your classic 64.oz start breaking out a poor Brit accent at the bottom type size but a more conservative 32 oz. However this is ideal for those with weak bladders who don’t want to interrupt the flow of conversation by breaking the seal running back and  forth.

I had a Special of the Day Lamb Burger Medium Well because I’m not yet ready to start cannibalism with the Blood dripping allll on the plate. Accompanied by some sweet potato fries which were seasoned and fried well enough to actually have more than my standard 7 fries. (Trying to be lean for Summer ’17!) The Lamb Burger was on point aside from just a little bit too much bun to burger ratio. A pet peeve of mine, but hey I was still satisfied and so should you.

Well decorated bathrooms get me every time. Seeing “The Original” posing down up there with the classic Astin Martin and you will be reminded to wash your hands, check between your teeth in the mirror, and raise your arms for a sweat patches check. And a friendly reminder on the way out of the nightly specials each week, which sets up your days off or potential out of town friend(s) entertainment much easier than referring helplessly to google. People enjoy going out to eat to tear up some Good Grub but mostly to Communicate. Looking around I saw a Neo Punk Rock Couple who probably dig the Sex Pistols, a group of 7 female old Bed Stuy stalwarts celebrating a 5 year old’s birthday, all laughing talking in the same room, Just Grubbin.

Playing in this game of life is hard enough whether alone or within the team you were birthed into, so why not Break Bread Together Rich Mosca Style expand the Team cohesion so that we may all win together or learn…. about each other. Eliminate what silly differences we have, all part of the same tribe-Human.

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