Night Market Food Truck Festival-Haddonfield,NJ


Another day …another food truck festival to hit up, seriously I’m like Batman with the batsignal when it comes to this shit. So anyway, this particular fat ass Foodtruck Man adventure brought me to the lovely town of Haddonfield. If you’re not familiar with Haddonfield it’s a nice suburban town with an elegant downtown full of mom & pop stores and fine dining….so naturally it’s where me and classy ass friends go to day drink and get lit, obviously. Here’s the real stars from the show though:


Mama’s (meat)BallsThey were ranked #10 best food truck in America by The Daily Meal. I got the “Rocky-Ball-Boa” and the “Rabe Father”. The Rocky was banging, it was a sweet sausage meatball stuffed with mild provolone, Parmesan , arugula, pesto and comes with sautéed onions and peppers on the bread. BANGING…I went back and got another one it was so good. The Rabe Father was a turkey meatball stuffed with broccoli rabe and Asiago cheese. This was just OK to me but it could also be because The Rocky was so damn good, either way overall Mama’s Balls was definitely a hit.



DumpNRoll- I’ve heard a lot of good things about this truck, they were voted the best food truck by Taste of Success in 2016 and they did not disappoint. I low-key wanted to try everything but I got the item that everyone clamors about…the “Far West”. It’s a tempura turkey bacon cheeseburger wonton, and yaaaaaaaaa man this right here was IT. I consider myself a dumpling/wonton connoisseur and I never had anything quite like this before. I can see why my dude working the line was so confident when he told me “Yea were the best food truck in the city,best dumpling in the city and I can’t wait for your review”…they certainly didn’t disappoint. 



Oink and Moo BBQ I finished my night off with some pulled pork tacos from Oink and BBQ, they were ranked #1 food truck in the nation in 2016 by The Daily Meal. I saw some young go hards smashing these gorgeous pork filled tortillas walking down the street and knew I had to give it a try. They make it with a pineapple BBQ sauce topped with a cilantro-lime sauce, honestly this was the best thing from the night. The pork was tender and the pineapple in the BBQ sauce was a pleasant surprise in every bite….I polished these bad boys in like a minute flat.

Foodtruck Man out!!


  1. mike antinore

    Thanks so much for your review mama appreciates it. She is glad you enjoyed her Balls. On a side note we moved up to #10 in the country on the daily meal. Thanks again we hope you get to try the Nach”Yo”Ball the next time we have it on the truck!!!!

    1. JustGrubbin

      Oh wow, I’ll edit the post and update it! haha Btw we would love to have you guys on the podcast sometime or to be featured in the webseries, is there a email we can possibly contact you at? Thank you for checking out the review!

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