Dwights Southern Barbecue II- Philly

Stopped by Dwight Southern Barbecue II on Germantown Ave. in Philly the other day & once again it did not disappoint. I first found out about this place from a coworker that would bring it through for either a potluck or for lunch. Now the first time I ever went there is when I tried to tailgate at a bullshit ass EAGLES Game (I’m a COLTS fan) & ended up having to park damn near in Camden. My fat ass wasn’t beat to take that long ass walk in the heat so I decided to grab some barbecue instead.

Now on this most recent trip I slid over there on a Friday evening with some other GRUBBERS and the place was booming! Now for this being my second solo post it almost appears that I’m the “Urban” GRUBBER. Now if your idea of Philadelphia is Northern Liberties, Center City, Fishtown, Olde City etc. then be aware because this area isn’t it. One of the GRUBBER’S even said “where does the GPS have us going?” Now it’s pretty much on the corner Germantown Ave. & N. Broad St. which is right down the street from Temple University but also in the hood. Now it’s nothing dangers but you might get approached from someone selling a mixtape, incense, or body oils. Now this place is take-out & standing room ONLY, there are no seats anywhere in there. You make your order, wait for it, then pay once it is ready.

Now onto the actual review, I ordered the Half Slab of Por Ribs & Stuffed Salmon & Rice. I tried to order the Half Slab of Beef Ribs but they ran out. Now I’m a Pork man myself (a few of us GRUBBERS are apart of “PSB” Pork Sweat Boyz). But my coworker that introduced me to Dwights does eat Pork so he wold bring in Beef Ribs. I personally always hated Beef Ribs because every time I’ve had them they were tough. But the Beef Ribs at Dwights is so tender as the cliché goes it literally falls off the bone. But as I said they ran out so I switched it with the Stuffed Salmon. Now I figured the white rice that came with Salmon would be ok but they way it mixed in there with the Salmon made it the best white rice I’ve ever had. Not sure what exactly the stuffed that Salmon with but it made the WHOLE meal DELICIOUS. The Mild sauce on the Pork Ribs made them everything. All-in-all I give the dishes 🖒🖒, a belly rub 👋 & a 55min. ITIS nap 😴. DWIGHTS GO GET YOU SOME!


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