Mother Muffs – Old Colorado City

I want to start off by saying thank you to Susan, the owner of Mother Muffs, for sitting down to chat with me about her restaurant! The interview portion of this review will be released in episode 2 of the Just Grubbin Podcast (listen!) however, the theme of our chat was essentially; this woman knows brunch. I walked away from our conversation thinking, “I may have just found my spirit animal”. Breakfast foods are my all time favorite foods and once you add alcohol to the mix it becomes utter perfection. If I had to pick a last meal it’d be brunch hands down, no contest and more specifically Mother Muff’s banana bread french toast. Let me say it one more time so it sinks in BANANA. BREAD. FRENCH. TOAST.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 1.56.52 PM.png

As an expert in all things breakfast, I can honestly say this is my favorite french toast I’ve ever eaten. French toast can be a tricky dish to perfect for two reasons 1) If it’s overly sweet and two dense, you can get sick of it quickly. 2) Once is covered in syrup it slowly turns to mush as you eat it. Well Mother Muffs has found a way to fix both of these issues! Their banana bread french toast is so flavorful/ perfectly portioned there’s no need for syrup and they’ve added granola for crunch. In addition to this amazing meal you should also grab a side of brown sugar bacon. Oh yes you heard right, brown sugar bacon. Enough said.

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If you aren’t sold on the french toast let me take a moment to talk about their bloody marys. Now I’m typically not a bloody mary drinker (I pound mimosas like they’re going out of style) however, I could easily drink 7 of these before noon and regret nothing. Susan told me about how they came up with their recipe and within one sip you can taste the amount of thought that went into this drink. They use a house juiced 8 vegetable blend that really makes all the difference in the taste. I highly recommend you stop Mother Muffs on a Sunday for half priced bloodly marys and some amazing breakfast foods!

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