Uh,Yea,That Way- Cookstown, NJ

Rain drops,drop tops, I found another BBQ spot. Local Smoke BBQ in Cookstown, NJ is bad af with not much boujee, which is perfect for my BBQ. The six years I spent living in Tampa, FL taught me some invaluable lessons about BBQ. Simply put in my own personal experience I’ve come to find that the little man, more often than not, can easily best its corporate giant counterparts. I have found some of the best BBQ on the side of the roads or gas stations all throughout the panhandle. The time taken,the secrets passed down from generation to generation, the care put into the food are all things that come through when you taste great BBQ. Enter Local Smoke BBQ, setup on the Eastbound side of Wrightstown Cookstown Rd. Local Smoke is an oasis amongst a desert of military facilities and farmland. I met up with a co-worker at Columbus Farmer’s Market to do some recon for a future opportunity, but as the mission came to a close, #squad decided BBQ would be a much needed reward after such a long afternoon. Yelp to the rescue! Local Smoke had the best rating/menu selection in a 10 mile radius so no rocket science was needed for this equation. Pulling up to Local Smoke and its side of the road vibe made my anticipation grow tenfold.img_0738We opted for to go because sitting on the porch watching Power re runs and getting drunk on craft beer was the ambiance we was going for. Perusing the menu we both came to the conclusion that the Pigout Platter,with 3 meats and 2 sides, was about to get the business. In true #squad fashion we went with brisket,1/2 BBQ chicken and the ribs. We also got a pulled pork sandwich, extra side of baked beans and bacon wrapped cheese stuffed jalapeño poppers.

I started with the pork sandwich and it was pretty good. Then I added the spicy BBQ and it took it from 0-100 real quick. They do offer three different BBQ sauces at every table so if you get takeout get extra sides of all of them like I did.img_0734 The sandwich came with pulled pork dressed in their Carolina sauce but adding the spicy sauce was that wave…… Splash. Moving onto the brisket I don’t think I can say enough about how tender it was. Pretty much literally falling apart, full of flavor and went well with all sauces. The 1/2 chicken was perfectly smoked with BBQ glazed skin and juicy white and dark meat. The ribs were not necessarily a let down but after tasting how delicious everything else was I held them to a higher standard. They weren’t dry yet they weren’t overly tender and moist. They had crisp smoke burnt crust but not a good amount of meat underneath. I guess they were ‘tweeners if anything I guess. The sides were delicious and left me wanting for more. They were simple baked mac & cheese, BBQ baked beans and collard greens. The collards were the closest I’ve had to getting a passing grade from a restaurant. They were tender but a little bitter and bland as well. Really all you need is to add brown sugar,orange juice or something to counter balance the vinegar you cook the greens in to erase some of that bitterness. Adding smoked turkey wings or any of their other left over smoked meat would also do wonders for enhancing the flavor. Anyway, last but definitely not least those bacon wrapped cheese stuff jalapeño poppers were the truth!  The bacon was perfectly cooked and almost carmelized on the outside a pulled pork and cream cheese filling with a BBQ ranch dipping sauce was the perfect exclamation mark on the meal. I was overly gassed with finding this spot on such a whim and they definitely have found some new future customers. Time for the Litness Test.

  • Appearance 🔥🔥🔥🕯
  • Atmo 🔥🔥
  • Food 🔥🔥🔥🔥🕯
  • Location 🔥🔥🕯
  • Overall 🔥🔥🔥🕯


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