An Ancient Asian Secret (Ginger)- NJ

My good buddy with the same name, Jerry, told me I needed to try this Asian restaurant. People don’t usually text me out of the blue to say “eat at this place” so when I got the recommendation, I had to immediately act on it.
This particular restaurant is named Ginger, and it’s nuzzled right off Main Street Medford, on the other side of route 70 where the name actually changes names. Needless to say, though, it’s easily accessible and ripe for the picking.

When you walk in, you’re immediately teleported to China, or Vietnam. The title of this post is ancient Asian secret, and you feel like you’re about to be told the secret as you walk in. The owner’s wife was incredibly nice, and accommodating. I was there to pick up a take out order (#daddylife), so I expected someone to just throw me a bag of food in styrofoam containers and be like “thanks come again”. This couldn’t be further from what actually happened.

She sparked up a conversation with me, asking where I’m from, where I live, what my life situation was. In our conversation she found out this was my first time visiting Ginger. When she heard that, she went into hospitality mode. She brought me my food, pulled out each container, then explained each item. Told me how best to eat it, told me how it differs in Asia, and explained what items should be my next choices if I were to return. I mean, this lady really took time outta her day and made the effort to make me a returning customer. Without even tasting the food, she accomplished her goal. I decided right then that I’d be back.
Now to the food.
As a starter, I went with the restaurant favorite. The Coconut Shrimp with Honey Wasabi sauce. Incredible. The shrimp is lightly breaded, and the little coconut threads nicely compliment the big shrimp you’re chomping into. Something about that taste of light sweetness, mixed with the saltiness of a shrimp. Sooooo fucking good. Now you’re sitting at about an 8 on the delicious scale.  Then you take that shrimp and you dunk it into honey wasabi sauce. I never heard of honey wasabi, and I regret that. But this is a mistake that i plan on rectifying yesterday. Dipping your coconut shrimp into this heaven sauce takes your 8 and catapults it right off the scale. Coconut Shrimp with Honey Wasabi sauce will be ordered every single time I come to Ginger.

Next, I had to go with one of my favorite Asian meat dishes. THE DUCK!  I don’t know what makes Peking Duck different than any other kind of duck, but that’s what I went with. I ordered the half order of the Peking Duck. This order prompted instructions from the owner’s wife. It comes with “a pancake” that you can wrap the duck in, add some greenery, and you have yourself little duck fajitas. She explained to me that Asian people like to use rolls, and make little duck sandwiches. But “white people like to eat duck with the pancake”. Well, I guess I was white for the night because I went with the pancake and it was a great choice.  I created little duck fajitas and topped it off with this lovely thick dark sauce that added a little sweetness to the duck. The meat was so tender and the skin of the duck was so crispy. Mix that with the softness of the pancake you’re wrapping it all in and you got yourself a masterfully elegant meal. With the portion they give you with a half duck, you get about six wraps full of meat. Perfect portion for one fat ass like myself. When you add the shrimp, you’re nicely filled up by the end of the meal. Actually I needed to save some for later. It heated up easily and was just as delicious the next night.

In conclusion, big shout out to Jerry Marenga for recommending this place. Also a shout out goes to my lovely fiancé Casey, because she recommended it months ago and I never acted on it. So if I didn’t mention her in all this, I’d be eligible for an ass kicking.  Anyway, I must pass on the recommendation to everyone else. This place is legit.  If the two items I ordered are any inclination of how good this establishment is, then I think we found ourselves one of the best Asian cuisine restaurants in the area.

Ps – just to make the pot a bit sweeter, literally and figuratively, the owner’s wife threw in this delicious coconut ice cream type of dessert. It was like eating coconut water ice/ice cream out of a real coconut.  If you weren’t feeling fat while you were eating dinner, this finishes up the experience.

Grade A-

Rating 4.5/5

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