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Jay – “Cheap fabric and dim lighting, that’s how you move merchandise”. A brilliant line from Morty Seinfeld is the perfect way to describe Jay’s Elbow Room if you replace fabric with food, booze, decor or people and man I wouldn’t have it any other way. One of the best atmospheres in the area if you accept it for what it is and the wings alone will keep you coming back time and again. Ask for your wings hot / honey / GARLIC and you won’t be disappointed. I mean the old lady wont want to come near you for a while with your stank breath but let’s be real, you weren’t getting any that night regardless which is why you went to Jay’s in the first place.

Walker Jay’s Elbow Room is basically the cheers of Burlington county. No matter how old or young if you’ve been a frequent visitor of Jay’s, “everyone knows your name” my first visit to Jay’s was when I was a young lad, maybe 11 or 12 when my dad took me and my younger brother there for lunch one day. Only thing that was ordered that day was 50 wings. If I recall, which I can’t due to early onset CTE and a copious drug addiction when I was younger, we returned home with 7 wings. Hear me out people, they are easily one of if not the best wings in South Jersey. Super crispy, super juicy, super fucking good. If you’re a young go hard from Burlco, and haven’t been yet, you must experience the world’s greatest bar, at least once!

Mo– As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Jay’s Elbow Room is the epitome of this adage. The outside screams DIVE BAR!!!! From every direction. The inside is a play on its namesake leaving you virtually no elbow room when the bar nears capacity. The decor is ehhhhh and the food probably won’t give you a culinary eyegasm. I told all things Jay’s is not so now let me tell you everything it is. Jays has amazing atmosphere, an incredibly personable staff, decent straightforward food, and a beer lovers haven. If you want to really get the essence of South Jersey just walk into Jay’s. It will cover you, consume you, and rub itself like lotion all-over-your-body.

When I’m at Jay’s I’m getting my wings garlic hot, whatever mixed drink special is running and a pitcher of one of their too many to name on tap beers. Many of the other Grubbers and myself have been going there since we were of age, and maybe even before, but that’s another story. Go there after 1:30am on a Friday or Saturday and see how electric it can be or go at 1:30 in the afternoon during the week and see how chill it can be. It doesn’t matter when but you’ll definitely be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t stop in this uber dive bar that’s been around as long as I can remember.

Jerry – Have you ever been apart of a softball team? Like old washed up softball? Or relived your days of high school varsity football on a flag football team? Maybe you realize your washed up and you just golfed 18 holes? Whichever it is, when you’re finished there’s always the same question when you’re done. “The hell we gon’ eat??? I’m hungry as shit!”

Well, pull up a chair, make some elbow room, id like to introduce you to Jay. The PREMIER dive bar for post athletic hunger and late night debauchery. Jay’s Elbow Room is the submarine of dive bars. When you walk in, the shitty decor shows you immediately what you’re getting yourself into. Which surprisingly is the best part, because you need to be getting into them wings. Just mentioning these shits makes my grammar go bad, that’s how good they is.
I always grab 8 of the HOT wings and 8 of the GARLIC. The hot is just spicy enough to make you realize you’re eating “hot wings,” but by no means is it “I dare you” level hot. If you’re one of those crazies, then don’t fret. HOT is the third level out of six. MILD, MEDIUM, HOT, HOTTER, IMPOSSIBLE, and SUICIDE. Then you got your flavors like GARLIC, BBQ and HONEY, TERIYAKI, and HOT and HONEY. Like I said, I got garlic and it made my breathe stink something delicious.

They got that perfect combination of full meatiness, but with some crispiness to them without being covered in breading. When you take that wing, and you dunk it into that creamy bleu cheese, then throw the whole wing in your mouth, you done just committed a crime. I mean, nothing that tastes and feels that good can be legal, right??? You take that handshake with God, and you combine it with a cold beer on tap, and you have yourself the cheapest, low maintenance, post ball game experience you can ask for.

Don’t know how good anything else is. Don’t really care how good anything else is. I gets da chicken meat. I’ll leave all the other shit for my girl to try. I suggest y’all do the same. Did ya heaarrrddd me? (Warning: expect your grammar to be fucked up for at least 20 minutes after consuming)

Leer – As I sit on the toilet writing this review of Jay’s Elbow Room, I think of all that deliciousness that I have ingested there over the years. Now I may be biased because I think their food is damn AMAZING, but in my mind it is. Also because Jay’s is the kind of place where anyone can have a good time and I do. Half the time I don’t have shoes on in there and no one even bats an eye towards me. So After we punished another team last Sunday in our semi final football game we ventured to Jay’s like we normally do. Per usual I get myself a chili cheese dog, (side note they used to have dollar dogs during Phillies games but stopped that… which is a crock of shit) a Captain Ben’s Burger ,and some mozzarella gravy fries .

The chili cheese dog is amazing…. soft bun and delicious hot dog. Their chili is amazing, I’m usually not a one for chili with beans but they know what their doing… it’s topped with melted American cheese, it’s just the whole package. The Captain Ben’s Burger is equally as good with the sunny side egg and cooked nice and pink in the middle. Fries are very good, great tasting gravy as well as a good mix of cheese and fries. I did not get wings this time because in all honestly I believe The Jug has the best wings ever but that’s another story.

If you want to go to a place that’s open almost 24/7, eat great food, see some hot garbage people, as well as great people or just watch a game then I suggest go to Jay’s . They also have Old Dusty handing out foot rubs, so come on down and Old Dusty Dick will give you the time of your life while you enjoy some delicious grub.
Jamiel– Garlic Ears. Took me about a decade to actually try these, but once I did I’ve never looked back. Breaded chicken fingers soaked in the juices of the Twelve Great Garlic Kings, served with a side of blue cheese. They’re basically the best chicken finger ever devised. I’ve only ever seen them at Jay’s which is even more impressive considering their kitchen is a 2×3 foot slot in the wall.

Chino – Decided to make a stop at the dirtiest bar I have ever been to in NJ for a quick bite to eat after my team BDB (Flag football team) handed out an ass whipping. The hunger was growing and I decided to change it up from the usual Captain Ben Burger…and that was a terrible idea. Calmly ordered some sweet chili wings (Always clutch) and buffalo chicken cheesesteak………..”BASURA”…or to some “TRASH”. Didn’t enjoy it at all…not enough bleu cheese, over drenched in wing sauce, and bread was soggy. Just a bad choice overall. Would never order it ever again. Only good thing was the wings and my fiancées cheesesteak hoagie. But neither were to die for. Only thing GREAT is the usual…Captain Ben Burger!!!

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