Oasis – Collingswood NJ

The hunt for authentic Mexican food in South Jersey can potentially lead you down a road of hot garbage restaurants. Luckily I avoided those bear traps when I found Oasis in Collingswood.

Oasis can only fit about 25 people at one time so a reservation on a Friday or Saturday night is a must. Now the first rule of eating Mexican food is to NOT crush all of the free chips and salsa they provide no matter how good it is. Me and my fiance Meg did a pretty solid job of that but I must admit we were close to breaking that rule once they brought out the fresh Guac we ordered that had jalepenos, onions and fresh salsa in it. Spot on right there.

As for the entrees I went with the Crab Meat Enchiladas which was without a doubt the highlight of my meal. They didn’t skimp on the jumbo lump crabmeat and the cream sauce gave it a great taste that I wasn’t expecting. I can’t give you a good analysis on the black beans because they just look like rabbit turds to me so I couldn’t partake in that part of the meal. Thats more of a me issue and not an indictment on Oasis at all.

Meg went with the Tacos and ordered the Barbacoa (lamb), Saudero (beef shoulder) and Mahi Mahi Pescada (fish). The barbacoa was the clear winner out of the three as it was juicy and seasoned to perfection. The Mahi Mahi wasn’t bad but to me felt a little under seasoned and the Saudero was solid but nothing to really brag about. Barbacoa all the way for sure next time.

Of course due to its small nature Oasis is a Bring Your Own Punishment establishment so come with your own tequila or wine.

We didn’t partake in desert and it wasn’t because there wasn’t anything that tickled our fancy but it was because we wanted to go to Arctic Freeze Creamery across the street. Arctic Freeze is one of these new fangled joints where they pour your ingredients on their freezer trays and mold your ice cream into individual rolls.

I don’t know how these young go hards work at that place because the amount of effort and energy that goes into making my $7 cup of rolled ice cream made my arms hurt just watching them and can’t be worth the minimum wage they make. I would say that the real pay off would be some sculpted guns by the end of the summer but based on what I saw these youngsters would pull every muscle in their body if they attempted to lift a 10 pound dumbbell. And I am no physical specimen so for me to make that comment is saying something.

Back to the ice cream though, I went with a vanilla base and had them mix in banana, coffee, chocolate jimmies and cinnamon. Very different from what you would usually get at a local ice cream spot or a Rita’s. I definitely recommend it.

As always, if you try Oasis or Arctic Freeze leave a comment and let me know what you thought of it.

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