Summer = Food Truck Festivals and Vlogs (also some bad dancing)- Hammonton,NJ/Philly

Another weekend, another food truck festival that I attended and punished myself with delicious delicious grub at. This past weekends FT Man adventure brought me to Hammonton for their 4th Annual Food Truck Festival. It was a pretty dope event and tons of vendors, people, music and fellow food lovers. I didn’t get to try everything that I wanted to try because the itis + the heat had your boy in the cobra clutch and I needed to regroup before attending this silent party that DumpNRoll told me about in Philly. Here are a few highlights from the event:


Luke’s Lobster– I never tried a lobster roll before and they had a pretty decent line so I figured I might as well cross that bad boy off the bucket list. I can officially say this is the best Lobster Roll I’ve ever tried, numero uno on my long list. Forreal though this was delicious and they served it on a toasted roll so the contrast between the cold lobster and the roll made for a unique ,flavorful combination. I was starving by the time I made it down to Hammonton and to the truck so this sandwich stood no chance. Let’s keep it moving to the next truck.


Mobile Mardi Gras– This New Orleans inspired truck had a long line as well, for good damn reason too. As I waited in line and perused the menu I saw everyone leaving the truck with shrimp po boys….”well sign my ass up”…I muttered as a random guy ran off smacking on his sandwich. The po boy consisted of fried shrimp (they were seasoned and fried perfectly), mayo, tomatoes, pickles, lettuce and remoulade sauce.. this was the start to my downfall. It was absolutely delicious and it put me on the ropes like Clubber Lange had Rocky. I coached myself up, let out the belt one notch and moved on to the next truck….can’t be getting knocked out in the second round man.

Philly Fry– Just your basic food truck cheese fries, but they had all sorts of different kinds. One was cheese fries loaded with cheesesteak and one had pulled pork I believe…I stayed away from those because I would have ended up laying down on the sidewalk with my shirt off telling everyone to walk over me.


Mad Dog Morgan’s– I wandered on over to this truck after leaving the little beer garden area they had set up. It was located next to a taco truck, so I was looking at both trucks and menus trying to figure out what I should try next…..than I saw it….Pulled Pork Sandwich topped with Crab Mac and Cheese. My inner fat boy immediately started krumping like Chris Brown, and when I looked to the side everyone was diving into the same…I took this as a good sign. This was an absolutely great call on my part…I know I know, it sounds like a weird combination but when I tell you that I basically inhaled this thing woooooooo buddy. I just had to fan myself while thinking about it, I honestly don’t know how to describe it properly and even pictures don’t do it justice but this was the highlight of the festival to me outside of the Po’ boy. It also was the uppercut that sent me flying over the ropes, I heard the trainer yelling out “THROW IN THE DAMN TOWEL!!!” as I went from a normal paced walk to basically laying on top of a park bench. I was officially done, couldn’t handle anymore and I took my ass back home…I was down bad is what I’m saying damnit!…..punished from the food…FT Man had been defeated in the 6th round. 


Hammonton Bonus– No idea who they were or where they came from but these big ass pineapple drinks were delightful!

Philly Silent Party/ DumpNRoll & Tasties Soul Food Trucks and Hammonton Food Trucks video


Until the next Battle, FT MAN OUT!! 


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