The Baltimore Experience Pt. 1

This is going to be part one of 3 part series highlighting my buddies Matt and Tim coming down to Baltimore this past weekend.  So its been quite a while since I have partied with Timmy and Matt, so I knew the degenerate level was gonna be of the charts. (I wasn’t wrong).

Friday night the boys roll into town we have a few beers at my house and head out to the first location. Southern Provisions, located in the Canton Square is a hip whiskey bar that serves classic southern cuisine.

spmenu (2).png

Being pretty hungry, feeling a little buzzed the menu almost has too much to offer. Said no one ever. You can’t go wrong with anything on this menu, except maybe that tofu grilled cheese sandwich. So after looking up and down the menu 2-3 times and making 0 decision, we finally agreed on the MEAT SWEATS (for 4). I don’t know what 4 people are getting full off this platter, but I am pretty certain I could eat 2 of them myself in under 30 minutes.

meat sweats (2).png

Presented on a huge baking sheet there is pork belly, bbq pulled pork, brisket, dry rub fried chicken wings, andouille sausage and on top of the bbq pulled pork, a home-made pork rind. The MEAT SWEATS comes with 2 sides and we got mac and cheese and corn bread. This monster meal, was fucking awesome. Some of the best pieces of meat I have ever eaten. The brisket was smoked perfectly, tender and juicy, basically melted in your mouth. The pulled pork doused in sweet and spicy bbq sauce was a delightful addition to the crispy salty pork rind which I used as a chip to load up with the pulled pork. The dry rubbed wings were a little bit of wild card. I wasn’t expecting the flavor these fuckers had. Obviously the rub had an old bay presence. But also had a very sweet and smoky flavor to them as well. One of the best pieces of fried chicken I had ever tasted until Saturday. (Look for part 2 of the review to see that fried chicken) I don’t really need to go into much detail about the pork belly, because lets not forgot pork belly is bacon on steroids and steroids are great. Last but not least the sausage. Usually found in creole dishes like gumbo and jambalaya and with all the other flavors of those andouille sausage is the tits. So I saved to eat that last, and I kinda wish I had dug in there first. Fuck, that was a good sausage, (and i know my way around a sausage or 2). Perfectly cooked, crispy casing, juicy center. Sweet with a little spice. Just great meat.

Southern Provisions was a great play all around. Delicious meat, delicious whiskeys, delicious beers and delicious people.

Stay Tuned For Pt. 2 of this 3 part installment.


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