La Peg – Philadelphia 

Where to begin…… for starters this place should be called La fucking deliciousness because it’s just that, fucking delicious.  With that said, let’s carry on. Friday night I decided to go on a nice night in the town and needed somewhere to go. I was actually  supposed to here on Valentine’s Day but we decided not to. But I’m happy we went Friday night.

So just to you let everyone know, La Peg has 3 menus, the restaurant, the bar, and the outside fish shack. The restaurant menu had quail and some fancy shit like that and I wasn’t feeling it, and it wasn’t a fish night, I wanted a burger so we choose to sit at the bar and use the bar menu.  We ended up ordering the cheese fries, wings, the Pub burger and the fast food burger (literally a small ass burger, not meant for a mans man as ya boy 👍🏾).

After we ordered the fries came out, and to my surprise they came topped with cheese and braised short rib, I took a bite and :  they were the best fucking fries I’ve had in a long time. The short rib were so succulent and juicy, it just blended with the cheese. The hot wings were amazing and had a very good flavor and sauce as well… def have to take Jay here so he can get his take on them. Seriously tho, these fries were so damn good, when I tell you my fiancé and I demolished them, there wasn’t even a scrap left to be had.

My burger came out perfectly pink in the middle how medium rare should be. The brioche bun was nice and soft, with the red onions and raclette cheese made everything taste perfect. The surprise was the bacon jam. I had no idea what to expect with bacon jam but I love bacon so hey… bacon jam had to be good! Which it was!! The bacon jam just added to the greatness of the burger, you know it is a good burger when you don’t even need ketchup or hot sauce.

Side note.. the outdoor section of the place has cornhole, giant checkers (which I destroyed my girl  in… 3 TIMES!!) and horse nuts (some people call it ladder toss).

So in summation Le Peg has amazing food and a great outdoor section to just hangout and drink when it’s a nice night in Philly. So I suggest that everyone goes and enjoys the place.

Now For Random Complaints/Rants – Wawa

Now let me rant about the fall of WaWa. WTF HAPPENED TO YOU?!? You used to be so good and now you just give out slimy processed greasy meats. You ruined your menu. I used to enjoy the food there and now it’s just crap.  As a kid, when my parents used to take me to wawa I would be happy and excited, but now I get upset when that’s the only option. Do better wawa, your saving grace is the baked potato soup. Everything else is hot fucking garbage.


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