The Baltimore Experience Pt. 2

So after Friday nights shit show, and meat sweats, I went on a mission to find the breakfast version of MEAT SWEATS. Now I wasn’t looking for a meat plate per say, but I was definitely looking for something along the lines of a meal with all the breakfast meats!

Enter Towson Hot Bagel, of Canton. Now if you are familiar with my posts, I usually rip places who claim to have the best whatever in the city or Maryland. And that is because the South Jersey/Philadelphia are where I grew up in has the best food ever. I mean just read the, Philly and Jersey reviews. Those assholes who write for that part of the blog make me salivate and miss home every time they post something. Thanks jerkoffs. So that now brings me back to Towson Hot Bagel. If they don’t claim to have the best bagel in the city of Baltimore and or all of Maryland they’re higher than half the population of Baltimore City. THB 1000% makes the best bagel/bagel Sammy in the city of Baltimore. Now this isn’t my first time going since being down here. I would say this would be my 4th time since moving down here. Plus, eating there last year during my first visit to Baltimore.

My usual play is just a pork roll egg and cheese on an everything bagel, but the last 2 times I have been hurting a little more than I wanted to, and craving some meats. So I asked for an ALL THE MEATS egg and cheese on an everything bagel. Now, breakfast meats to me are a quintessential part of the meat family. They start your day off with a huge kick of flavor and make you pretty damn happy until its time to eat meat again. And let me tell you what, this fucking sandwich was a mike Tyson knockout!! What you are drooling over here is turkey sausage, porkroll, regular sausage egg then topped with bacon. And this was just stop 1 on the meat sweat Saturday train.


Breakfast and pregame festivities before the Orioles game we attended began at 11am. So you better believe that sooner or later I was going to be hungry again. And lets just say it was sooner than later. First pitch was 4:05 by 5:15 we ventured around the stadium to look for the next victim! It didn’t take long before we stumbled, literally, upon Boog’s BBQ. Now I will be the first to admit that I have no idea who John “Boog” Powell is, but I guess hes the equivalent to Greg Luzinski for the Phillies. A former All Star turned BBQ Pit Master. (Don’t worry bull, your bbq is still better.) But I have to add that a Baltimore staple of BBQ is their Pit Beef. And that is what Boog’s specialized in. For those that don’t know what pit beef is, guess what, you’re never gonna know because I don’t either. But its fucking delicious.


This monstrosity of a plate contains baked beans, coleslaw, home-made old bay kettle cooked chips, mac and cheese and 3 varieties of pit meats; turkey, pork and beef. The homemade bbq sauces Boog’s has to offer were pretty good, Sweet and spicy with a little smoke. then they had a Carolina Mustard sauce that was my all time favorite. Tangy and sweet golden deliciousness, combined with all that made this plate last about as long as a virgin on prom night, or me on any other night. NOT VERY LONG!

So Pt. 3 will be a continuation of this day and sunday. I don’t feel like typing anymore and odds are you stopped reading 5 seconds in anyways.


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