Khmer Kitchen, Pepper Curry Chicken- Philly

If you listened to the last podcast you’ll know a little about Khmer Kitchen. Me and the girlfriend ended up here accidentally after trying to find another nearby spot in Little Cambodia. We walked in, were confused by the menu and then ordered anyway. She ordered Sah-Law Ka-Koe (yup) “slow stew chicken, simmered with sliced papaya, sweet pumpkin, eggplant, and seasonal vegetables infused with richly roasted rice grains and khmer traditional spices”. I was skeptical at first, but she forced me to try it and I was pleasantly surprised. I’m not really a pumpkin guy, preferring sweet potato if I’m eating a gourd,  but this was tender and well-seasoned and made me a little excited to try my entrée.

When I did…. wooooooo boy. This thing was slammin’. I ordered Sah-Law Kah-Rhee Mohn – curry chicken with a coconut milk base, simmered with curry spice, seared chicken with potatoes, carrots and onions cooked nice and slow. I could literally taste the love enveloping this dish in pure Cambodian cupidity. We had to order to-go so the pics don’t do it justice, but gollee this is one of my favorite dishes ever. Like, of all time (Kanye voice). Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m a bit of a curry connoisseur. This was right up there with the best curried chicken I’ve had. I’m not gonna say any more about it. Go try this spot. Right now.


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