The Baltimore Experience Pt. 3


So I had to either leave y’all wanting more, or just stop writing yesterday because it was getting too long-winded. Either way, I am back to continue this past weekends eating and drinking adventures.

After attending the Orioles game on Saturday, my buddies and I went back to my house and regrouped from a long afternoon of drinking and grubbin’. And by regrouped I meant keep pounding beers until it was time to head out to the next place. So I decided to take the guys out to this little bar a few blocks away called the Cardinal Tavern. I have been here before and enjoyed everything about the place before, so it felt like the right play to take them there.

Like I stated before the Cardinal Tavern is very small but what it lacks in size it makes up in ambiance. The new aged whiskey bar/southern comfort foods tavern looks and feels like an old timey saloon, from its whiskey barrel bar to the all brick and wood décor.


After a few more drinks, it was time to look at the menu. First time being here I had their pulled pork sandwich and it was amazing. This time, since I had already pork earlier that day, and the previous night, I decided to go with the 4 piece fried chicken platter. The platter comes with a biscuit and 2 sides. The obvious choices are collard greens and mac cheese. Now unfortunately the only bad part of the meal was that greens were not chopped enough for me. That’s all. there was just 3 huge leafs of greens in that bowl, but fuck if I didn’t finish them, because they were god damn delicious! The mac and cheese was on point, with the finishing touch of shredded cheese on top, and then you mix it up to make it extra cheesy and creamy, well done, Cardinal Tavern, well done!

Now for the chicken. Where do I begin?! I thought there would be a standard 4 piece protocol the tavern had in place, but the bartender asked me what kind of pieces I would like. I responded with “Just how I like my women, 2 tits and 2 legs.” She wasn’t very amused. But fuck it. The chicken was so fucking good, that I had forgotten about the bartender not laughing at my super aggressive and sexist joke.

Now time for a disclaimer: Founder Lauren, and his brother Leer have been inviting me to family cook outs for quite some time now, and my first one was easily the most memorable, due to AUNT JACKIE’S FRIED CHICKEN. Their Aunt Jackie, to this day, makes the best fried chicken I have ever consumed. But holy shit this could easily go toe to toe with it in a food battle.


Crispy outside, juicy inside. The breading had such a flavor to it, it’s almost indescribable. I will let you be the judge.

After eating we headed into Fells Point. Before blacking out, really hard. we made a stop at this bar called RYE, because it wasn’t crowded and it had a really really good live band. If you are a whiskey drinker, this is a spot for you. All hand crafted whiskey cocktails that will knock your socks off.


This drink was called the Penndennis, I recommend this cocktail on a warm Baltimore night any day of the week.

Well there ya have it folks, the Baltimore Experience. Hope you enjoyed as much as I did!!!

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