Something To Call Our Own (Dino-BBQ) – NY

“Sex was so Good Girl/We’ve got to do the Remix”- Robert Kelly

Great BBQ Food is Saucy and Tender, Fingers  going to be sticky, upper lip might be glazed and there’s gotta be some napkins on deck nearby, for a true down and dirty experience. Dino BBQ Rochester locale was born in 1998, after a first successful run in downtown Syracuse (1988). When I went to Epcot Center in the early aughts I asked my Brother as we ate and drank around the World, what the hell would American cuisine be if someone visited mini-‘Merica. “I dunno by the looks of it, Burgers and Deep Fried Turkey Legs.” It always bothered me because I thought WE were worthy of a little site just like the German area of Epcot (IMO the best bang for your buck Buffet in Air Conditioning).

“Well Look No Further Fella! Yuh Found ‘Em” (Sounds Like Clayton Bigsby) Dino BBQ is answering the call in terms of sheer taste, and overall presentation. The kitschy interior suggests it was designed by some good down home Pit Masters, with Cook Out Plates (Picnic Plates for my Caucasian Brethren) that have three compartments for two sides and one main. Before I went to the Feature Presentation, I got that preview- so I ordered them wings which I promptly finished in about the length of a real coming attraction. They weren’t drowning in sauce, much to my delight, they were well Lubricated. After all there is sauce on the side if you want it like that. (Cardinal Culinary Rule: Could always add-on, but subtracting is useless).

How bout this, I ordered a Beef Brisket Sandwich, and these guys gave me a Platter instead with additional meat and cornbread (which was worth every DAMN Lactaid Pill I used). After the acknowledged mix up they just charged me for the sandwich, sometimes you Win. I had the Collard Greens and Black Beans on the side to offset the glut of Red Meat I was bout to tear up. Gotta have that fiber to get that Colon Rollin’ to Championship LEVELS (🎶OH LAWD!!🎶).

The Brisket was tender and flavorful, didn’t need to pour endless amounts of sauce down as if it was a Deceiving Tinder Profile Pic now in full view just to make every gulp bearable. The staff was very friendly, making sure they got your name before they served you, so when the plate comes out “this is for Xander”. Like I was in a real kitchen, not the quick turnover service most chains give you ala Famous Dave’s/ Texas Roadhouse. Dino BBQ Rochester was giving me that GFE, goddammit!

Drinks were satisfying but not quite at the high Level of Blue Smoke BBQ style beverages. A mint julep would have sent this meeting over the top, but I opted for The Colombo which paired very well with the smoky, tangy flavors that were laid out before me.

One day Disney will commission some Pit Masters to erect a new American stop around the world, to eviscerate everyone’s taste buds, to show WE got something to say in the Culinary Arts as well. May not be haute French Cusine, or Five Star Fine Italian Dining, but WE get it done all the same, Satisfaction Guaranteed!! So if you can’t seem to find a Cookout this BBQ Season, I highly recommend you head over to your nearest Dinosaur BBQ, to get that fix.


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