*Rant Alert!* – Wawa, Anywhere USA 

You fucking suck now!

After playing video games all night, I need food, little did I realize it was 4 in the morning so I had to get Wawa…. and per usual I’m throughly disappointed. Lemme preface this by saying I am delirious at this hour but the world needed this hot take. I even went outside my comfort zone and didn’t get roast beef or chicken strips because I know they are slimy and fucking trash now.

I decided to get an Italian Hoagie and lo and behold it was fucking hot ass garbage. Couldn’t even taste the vinegar and oil, just slimy ass salami and ham. It makes me upset because I’m 30, and when I was a kid…. hell even till 18 Wawa was great, just sad how they became so commercialized that they forgot what people want.


    Wawa you are a fucking disgrace now. If I could, I’d rewind time and go for an Arby’s night. ​😡

​You fucking suck wawa.

Angry ass Leer Biddle



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