Spasso Italian Grill – PA

Spasso Italian Grill

Every Wednesday night from May to September, Media, Pennsylvania hosts an event called Dining Under the Stars. State Street is closed down and each restaurant offers dinning outside under the lights. Media offers all genres of food such as Italian, Middle Eastern, Japanese and even Irish. This beautiful Wednesday night we chose my personal favorite, Spasso Italian Grill. We started off at the bar inside. We kept it very traditional. I ordered my usual extra Dirty martini w/ kettle and Steph ordered her usual Old fashioned w/ Makers. Before we could even finish our drinks we were being called for our table. Walking outside you get the full experience of dining under the stars. From the classical sounds of the Frank Sinatra performer to complimentary sidewalk chalk given to the children to entertain themselves while their parents enjoy a nice dinner.

We started off with the fried Calamari and the Tomato Bruschetta. The Fried Calamari batter was seasoned perfectly. I find restaurants often over season their batter because of their lack of knowledge on cooking seafood. Spasso did a really good job on allowing you to appreciate the actual taste of the Calamari. The Tomato Bruschetta was on point. The mozzarella was fresh. The Tomatoes were packed with flavor and the smoked salmon’s pinch of fresh cracked black pepper was just enough.

For the main course I had Filet Mignon overtop a crispy Potato, dressed with Oscar sauce and crab meat. The crab meat alone could have been a small meal. The Oscar sauce poured over top was essential to the meal. It helped define the steak while giving the crispy potato a little more flavor. The Filet was cooked very well (medium), not too soft but didn’t take much effort to cut.

Steph had the classic chicken parm. Kind of hard to mess chicken parm up, spasso did not disappoint. Despite having a very large portion, the meal was still cooked with care and from the heart.


Both kept tradition going by ending our meal with coffee and baileys.


Legitness 8.5

Portion 8.3

Display 8.2


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