Sam’s Morning Glory Diner, Cinnamon Toast Crunch French Toast – Philly 

After a local doctor pointed out that we hadn’t reviewed enough brunch spots, I immediately set out to correct the situation. This took me to Sam’s Morning Glory in South Philly. This is one of the more well renowned breakfast stops in Philly so gracing them with JustGrubbin’s presence was on my to-do list from the jump.

So first thing, everything on the menu sounded incredible. Every. Single. Thing. I had one of those moments where I had the beginnings of an existential crisis because I couldn’t choose from so many scrumptious sounding options. After much angst and indecision, I settled on the cinnamon toast French Toast and I was not disappointed.

Challah bread, which is the only acceptable French Toast bread, crusted with Cinnamon Toast Crunch crumbs, dusted with powdered sugar and topped with fresh strawberries. Bruh. As my good friend Dora would say; ¡delicioso! The crust added something that I didn’t even know was missing. That little extra layer of texture means I’ll be going back, maybe tomorrow. Anyone who knew me as a teenager knows I went through a phase where every time I cooked something I added cinnamon, so this dish may be getting some bonus nostalgia points, but whatever.  I’m actually  a little upset it’s not a regular menu item at some of my other regular brunch joints. I might have to make some special requests. Needless to say, Sam’s Morning Glory has earned its way into my brunch head space and I highly recommend.

P.S. I didn’t try the eggs and grits and hash and turkey sausage but future Grubber Courtney said they were “slammin”. (She’s working on an international Grub section, so keep your eyes open for when it starts to drop).


  1. thestaticfoodbin

    OMG I love Sam’s Morning Glory!!! I ate there when I was visiting and I miss Philly all the time. Your post brought great memories and it makes me happy that this place is still around!

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