Sugarpuddin’s – NJ

Last night took a L, but tonight I bounce back. That pretty much summed up my 4th of July weekend. I spent Sunday, Day drinking and podcasting with the South Jersey leg of the JustGrubbin crew, then #squad took it upon ourselves to venture out to Sugarpuddin’s.Β IMG_1015Sugarpuddin’s is a simplistic no frills BBQ spot located in Lindenwold off the White Horse Pike. This self proclaimed “best ribs this side of the Missouri” spot more than lives up to its boisterous claim. Along with some of the trillest St.Louis style ribs, the customer service went above and beyond all expectations. We arrived about 30 mins before closing and right on the heels of a large party exiting the restaurant. I mention this because these are the makings of a horrible customer service nightmare, but we were treated to the exact opposite. We were greeted with open armed mid western hospitality by owner-operator Carla McGruder, who also doubles as a practicing Dentist. This place is what BBQ dreams are made of, like literally this place was built off a dream that came to Carla one night and is now a delicious reality. She basically told us that she moved here from Charleston, Missouri to open her dental practice and couldn’t find any good BBQ so decided to do it herself. Now that is truly a boss move that #squad is more than happy she decided to make. We ordered a full slab of St. Louis style ribs, mild wings, a small order of brisket and a bunch of sides including: collard greens, sweet potatoes, mac & cheese, BBQ baked beans, and cornbread.IMG_1010 These St. Louis ribs were some of the meatiest *pause* most delicious ribs I’ve had in probably forever. Perfectly dark charred outside with red rings and pink meat nestled underneath all covered by sweet, tangy sauce. The brisket was break apart upon touch tender, moist, delicious, exceptional end of story. The wings were covered in a mild BBQ sauce and could definitely hold their own up against any bar or pizza joint wing. Collard greens! These were probably the best collards I’ve eaten from a takeout. You can tell they take time and care to prepare and cook their greens and we thank you for that! The baked beans were a 3,4 or 5 bean mix, I honestly stopped counting, kidney beans, black beans, baked beans and then some were all accounted for and baked in mouth-watering BBQ sauce. The sweet potatoes and mac & cheese were reminiscent of what I would eat at Grandmas for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Flavor profiles and textures were right on par with the traditional style of soul food I’m accustomed to. The last item I would like to touch on is the banana pudding. We had no plans on getting dessert, mainly because we have so much at the house, but after being given a free sample I was left with no choice. This pudding was well…… bananas! Perfectly layered, flavored and much appreciated. After stuffing myself unmercifully and then succumbing to the “itis” I myself had a dream. I dreamt about all the delicious leftovers waiting for me in the fridge and I woke up in Beastmode….. Time to test the Litness.

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