If Vegans Wanted to Eat Fast Food, They Wouldn’t be Vegans. 

(CNN)Ordering fast food can be tricky for people who are trying to eat healthfully, but it can be particularly challenging for vegetarians. Menus are often limited in vegetarian staples such as beans, lentils, whole grains and vegetables.
The good news is that more and more restaurants are catering to meatless customers, which now number approximately 8 million adults in the United States, with many more trying to eat less meat in general for health reasons.

So this story is just about the most ridiculous story I have ever read. When Ronald McDonald opened the first McDonald’s back in the day, he never thought that non meat-eating mammals would be requesting and throwing temper tantrums (probably due to lack of animal meat in their diets #SCIENCE) about having more “vegan” based options on the dollar menu. Well to that I say, EAT A BAG OF COW DICKS.

I couldn’t be more appalled at vegans actions, wanting fast food restaurants to cater to their communist ways. Although this article is  a good “how to” eat vegetarian or more health conscious, but last I checked I never went to Wendy’s just for a baked potato, it would usually be 3 chicken sandwiches or 3 JBC’s and 2 baked potatoes, because, #gainz.

If you are worried so much about finding vegetarian options stop going to fast food joints, case and point. Find a friggin salad works and call it a day.



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