Study says simply smelling your food can make you fat…….Uhhh I don’t think so “Dillin”

Mercury News – UC Berkeley researchers have discovered something depressing: Simply smelling food can make you gain weight. According to a study published this month in the journal Cell Metabolism, obese mice who lost their ability to smell lost weight.

Maybe they were less tempted to eat, you might guess. 

“Weight gain isn’t purely a measure of the calories taken in; it’s also related to how those calories are perceived,” senior author Andrew Dillin, professor of molecular and cell biology, said in a statement. “If we can validate this in humans, perhaps we can actually make a drug that doesn’t interfere with smell but still blocks that metabolic circuitry. That would be amazing.”

I’m no scientist but this headline just screams malarkey. First of all who is determining the sense of smell levels of these mice? Does one of the scientists fart in front of them and the mouse that winces first has “exceptional sense of smell”? That would be my guess.

I mean I smelled all kinds of food growing up and I couldn’t put on a pound in high school. I smell the same way now and gained a bunch of weight. Is that science? Nope it’s called old and washed. Riddle me THAT “Dillin”.

Anyways if this jabroni finally gets this to work on an actual human being I will pay a little more attention and maybe respect the 10 college degrees he probably has on his office wall.

Until then:

Common Sense – One,  Dillin – Zeroooooo


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