Throwback Thursday – Philly Checkers shutdown after worker claimed he spit on food, others had sex with customers –  OCTOBER 25, 2016 , A Checkers restaurant in Philadelphia was shut down and several employees were fired after a worker, in what he now calls “a publicity stunt,” posted a video describing how he wiped the floor and blew his nose using hamburger buns, spit and sneezed on food, and claimed workers were having sex with customers in the kitchen.

 The drive-thru on the 7100 block of Stenton Avenue in West Oak Lane voluntarily closed Sunday and remained shuttered Tuesday morning. A manager said he planned to reopen the restaurant Thursday. Checkers Drive-In Restaurants Inc. went into immediate crisis mode after learning the video had gone viral over the weekend.

“The employees involved will be terminated. The restaurant will be fully sanitized and re-inspected before it opens and all of the team members will be fully retrained,” said a statement by Checkers.


Ok so I’m not all bout the spitting and wiping the floor with my buns. I don’t need the extra character and flavor on my chicken sandwich man, BUT I have taken too many 3 am trips to Checkers after partying not to appreciate the Big Buford and BJ combo. That’s just called great advertising people. Imagine how many unhappily married men would have seen that billboard or viral ad on their commute home from work “TODAY ONLY BETWEEN 2-7 GET A BJ WHEN YOU ORDER A BIG BUFORD MEAL”. The line would have went from Philly all the way to Delaware. Ol’ Henry from sales probably would have went through the drive thru like 4 times. Overall I just think Checkers missed a real opportunity with this one, you franchises really need to start thinking outside the box. Burger King almost had the right idea but they juuuusssssssssst missed the mark👌🏿.


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