KFC in Japan? Please tell me more sir…

UPROXXThere’s an entire history of KFC in Asia that Americans don’t generally know about. KFC is a Christmas tradition in Japan, and within a year of opening its first KFC in China, it was KFC’s top-selling restaurant in the world, turning into a restaurant open 24 hours a day and a food delivery behemoth in China to boot. Colonel Sanders is far more beloved across the Pacific than in his home country, is the point, so while we get fried chicken socks, the Chinese are getting a full-on KFC smartphone.

The limited-edition Huawai smartphone, to be fair, is reasonably priced at $162 for a decent mid-range smartphone. Aside from having Colonel Sanders embossed on the back, you also get a limited-edition app where users can help decide what’s played over the loudspeakers at their local KFC. In other words, you get access to the jukebox as you enjoy your fried chicken and other local specialties.




If you told me that the Japanese went hog wild for some KFC on Christmas I would have looked at you like you had three heads. I’m gonna be honest the last fast food chain I expected to be in Japan is a KFC. Just when you think you’ve seen it all BAM!!! Our frenemies to the west make the long trek each Christmas day to get the sweet taste of the Colonel’s fried chicken.

And then just when you thought that was wild KFC is churning out red phones with the Colonel’s ugly mug plastered all over it. If thats not a WTF moment I don’t know what is. And it doesn’t end there boys and girls. The phone comes with an app that let’s them play their favorite music inside the store. Now you have guys like this weirdo who marries a sex doll going clubbing at KFC so he can treat his plastic lover to a swanky night on the town.

I have a new found respect for Colonel Sanders and his business acumen. KFC is big in America but KFC is KING in Japan.

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