Don’t Forget to Get Your Free Ice Cream Today!

Thrillist –   National Ice Cream Day, one of the few “food holidays” actually worth getting excited about, is today, July 16. That means ice cream purveyors across America are celebrating by handing out all sorts of cups, cones, and other frozen treats for free. While some of the sweet deals — much like ice cream toppings — are better than others, you can safely expect to have ice cream, hot fudge sauce, and sprinkles dripping down your hand before the day is up.


Here’s our running list of free ice cream giveaways and other deals from several popular chains across the country (there are plenty of local deals in cities like New York and Los Angeles, too)

I told you on episode #4 of the podcast that we were the plug. So once again ….you’re welcome folks. Now go close your weekend out by celebrating Lightskinned Bill’s favorite holiday and grab yourself a delicious cone for the low low price of free 99.

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