Oink & Moo BBQ – Voorhees, NJ


I previously mentioned how I tried Oink & Moo at the Haddonfield Night Market. I immediately hit up the owner right after to tell her how much I enjoyed the pulled pork tacos, seriously one of the best things I’ve tried this summer.  Elisabeth informed me of the Voorhees location they were opening up so of course I had to check it out. At the food truck festival I noticed that they had BBQ sliders on the menu , I didn’t try them but I wasn’t going to make that same mistake this time around.

I ordered the “Oink & Moo” sliders, the “Trifecta” tacos, baked mac & cheese, and the smoked sweet potato. On the menu the Oink & Moo is described as “the best of both worlds” and woo shit they weren’t lying.  You get one brisket slider and one pulled pork slider, they both had the signature slaw and the classic BBQ sauce on them. I really couldn’t tell you which one was better, they were both so damn flavorful. Both sliders had that good smokey BBQ flavor and both meats were so tender and juicy. I just wiped drool from my mouth while typing that, seriously do yourself a favor and try these.

The “Trifecta” tacos consisted of one pulled pork taco, once chipotle chicken taco , and one skirt steak taco. I already described the pulled pork tacos , but for the new readers…they consist of pineapple BBQ sauce and cilantro lime slaw. So unique, and different, I haven’t tried anything like it before. The chipotle chicken is marinated in their blend of chipotle peppers and spices then grilled and topped with pickled poblanos and drizzled with cilantro lime sour cream. Bravo Oink & Moo, with every delectable bite I smiled and nodded my head even though no one was talking to me. The chicken was grilled perfectly and every thing just blended together flawlessly.

I’m a huge fan of steak tacos like any normal red blooded foodie. So I already knew I was going to enjoy this but damn this was truly fantastic. It consisted of seared steak marinated in a blend of select spices, topped with cilantro-lime slaw and their house made chimichurri sauce. SOOOOOOOOOO good, it was so savory and just flat out delightful…. yes it was so good it has me.. a grown ass man… calling it delightful. Now for the sides… the smoked sweet potato comes in two different flavors, either sweet or savory. I asked the cashier what her go to was and she said sweet so who am I to argue with the professional. It was really good, I could taste a light cinnamon butter but it wasn’t overwhelming. It was the perfect amount of flavor and the backed mac was really good as well. It had hints of the smoky BBQ flavor baked into the gooey exquisite dish.

Seriously at this point my soul could have left my body and I would have been fine with that being my last meal. I would absolutely suggest any of the BBQ lovers out there that hasn’t tried Oink & Moo yet to stop bullshittin’ and go give it a go, you won’t regret it. There’s a reason that they were voted the #1  best food truck in 2016 by The Daily Meal.


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