Ardmore Restaurant Week is Here Ardmore Restaurant Week, hosted by The Ardmore Initiative, returns for a second year, from July 18–31. The event includes budget-friendly offerings that allow residents and visitors alike to experienceArdmore’s bustling dining scene, quickly becoming one of the Main Line’s hottest dining destinations.

Many of Ardmore’s fast casual restaurants and bars will offer diners a unique happy hour experience from 5–7 p.m. Each restaurant will discount happy hour items by at least 25 percent.

The most exciting element of Ardmore Restaurant Week is undoubtedly the three-course dinners at $25 and $35. Some of the restaurants will also have special menus for take-out.

You can’t beat a three-course dinner for $25 or $35 bucks folks. So fellas grab your lady and go have a nice date night that won’t have your wallet hurting afterwards. Pro tip for all you young go hards that are trying to woo a lovely young woman…. this is the perfect opportunity to look like a hot shot. You can go to an upscale restaurant, grab a delightful meal and not worry about the lights getting cut off later that week. She’ll be so happy that you finally put down the XBOX controller, washed your ass and put on a clean shirt ; that ultimately you’ll be buying yourself at least another month of reverting back to punishing nachos off your chest at 3 am. You’re welcome!

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