Technology is the devil! – A mom has sworn off online pizza ordering after a royal goof left her with a hysterically cringe-worthy dry pie.


According to a series of tweets from Ohio-based Miss May I guitarist BJ Stead, his mom, Jimmi Stead, tried her hand at the convenience of ordering a pizza via the Domino’s app, and it couldn’t have gone much worse. BJ said that his mom “forgot to get sauce and cheese,” and the pie turned up looking like this:


Ohhhhh Domino’s you silly goose! A pizza delivery without cheese or sauce is not what you want in the news…EVER. Okay so lets say this lady, who I am guessing hasn’t been on the technology train long, was actually able to figure out how to deselect cheese and sauce. A wild assumption in itself but then the guy or gal who sees the order at Domino’s fails to even question it??? I mean maybe they were at the end of their shift and gave the ole “F It” shoulder shrug but the fact that you wouldn’t even question this order at all is a customer service 101 blunder.

Now is there a chance that there’s some lunatic out there that loves them a good burnt pie crust with just pepperoni on it? I guess anything is possible and in the world we live in now it probably wouldn’t surprise me. That being said these are the problems you run into when you order a large pie for only $6.99.

The most interesting part about this story though is that DiGiorno comes off the top rope and socks Domino’s in the mouth on twitter over this. This leads me to believe a possible publicity stunt by DiGiorno is in play and that they have this old lady on their payroll. Is that too wild of an accusation to make? I don’t think so considering this whole story is about a pizza that came with no sauce or cheese. If I actually cared about this I would try to get to the bottom of it but the fact is I don’t and this whole scenario just makes for a good laugh and reminds me that when you order cheap pizza, you may not get sauce on it…or cheese…or anything that tastes good in general.

Moral of the story is when ordering pizza go to your local Italian joint or risk playing Russian Roulette with Domino’s. The bullet is a good pizza and the blanks are the usual crap they churn out…..

FYI…..there are never any bullets in that Domino’s gun.


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